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Functional Equations in Several Variables  With Applications to Mathematics, Information Theory and to the Natural and Social Sciences, Aczel, J. &  J. Dhombres
1 Aczel, J. & J. Dhombres Functional Equations in Several Variables With Applications to Mathematics, Information Theory and to the Natural and Social Sciences
Cambridge Cambridge University Press 1989 0521352762 / 9780521352765 First Edition Hardcover Near Fine with no dust jacket 
A bright, solid book, red cloth boards are unmarked, text unmarked. ; Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications, Vol. 31; 9.21 X 6.14 X 1.12 inches; 462 pages; "Deals with modern theory of functional equations in several variables and their applications to mathematics, information theory, and the natural, behavioral, and social sciences. The authors emphasize applications, although not at the expense of theory, and have kept the prerequisites to a minimum; the reader should be familiar with calculus and some simple structures of algebra and have a basic knowledge of Lebesque integration. For the applications the authors have included references and explained the results used. The book is designed so that the chapters may be read almost independently of each other, enabling a selection of material to be chosen for introductory and advanced courses. Each chapter concludes with exercises and further results, 400 in all, which extend and test the material presented in the text. The history of functional equations is well documented in a final chapter which is complemented by an encyclopedic bibliography of over 1600 items. This volume will be of interest to professionals and graduate students in pure and applied mathematics." 
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2 Bazilevic, I. E; V. G. Boltjanskif et al Thirteen Papers on Algebra, Topology, Complex Variables and Linear Programming
Providence, RI American Mathematical Society 1968 Hardcover Very Good with no dust jacket 
Corners lightly bumped; A tight solid book. ; American Mathematical Society Translations Series 2, Volume 71; 236 pages; Mathematical papers by 15 Russian mathematicians 
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Boston Birkhauser 1998 0817659544 / 9780817659547 First English Edition; First Printing Hardcover Near Fine with No dust jacket as issued 
Operator Theory Advances & Applications #104; Large 8vo 9" - 10" tall; 201 pages; Only slight wear. A tight bright book. Unmarked text. This volume, dedicated to Carl Pearcy on the occasion of his 60th birthday, presents recent results in operator theory, nonselfadjoint operator algebras, measure theory and the theory of moments. The articles on these subjects have been contributed by leading area experts, many of whom were associated with Carl Pearcy as students or collaborators. The book testifies to his multifaceted interests and includes a biographical sketch and a list of publications. 
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Equivalence and Priority  Newton versus Leibniz: Including Leibniz's Unpublished Manuscripts on the Principia, Bertoloni Meli, Domenico
4 Bertoloni Meli, Domenico Equivalence and Priority Newton versus Leibniz: Including Leibniz's Unpublished Manuscripts on the Principia
Oxford Clarendon Press 1996 0198501439 / 9780198501435 1st Thus Softcover Near Fine 
Only slight wear to card covers ; A bright, solid book, card covers are clean and crisp, text unmarked. ; 9.21 X 6.22 X 1.02 inches; 318 pages; "Leibniz's dispute with Newton over the physico-mathematical theories expounded in the Principia Mathematica (1687) have long been identified as a crucial episode in the history of science. Bertolini Meli here examines several hitherto unpublished manuscripts in Leibniz's hand illustrating his first reading of and reaction to Newton's Principia. Six of the most important manuscripts are here presented for the first time. Contrary to Leibniz's own claims, this new evidence shows that he had studied Newton's masterpiece before publishing An Essay on the Causes of Celestial Motions. This article, representing his response to Newton, also included in English translation. Meli analyzes the important implications of this episode on a variety of themes ranging from priority claims to the mathematization of nature in the 17th century. Besides providing a careful study of Leibniz's style and strategy, the author examines how our perception of Newton's achievement is affected and the reception of the rival theories by the mathematical community around 1700. This unique work will interest all historians of science and philosophy." 
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Proofs and Fundamentals  A First Course in Abstract Mathematics, Bloch, Ethan D.
5 Bloch, Ethan D. Proofs and Fundamentals A First Course in Abstract Mathematics
New York Springer 2011 1441971262 / 9781441971265 Second Edition Hardcover Near Fine with no dust jacket 
Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics; 9.30 X 6.40 X 1.10 inches; 358 pages; "“Proofs and Fundamentals: A First Course in Abstract Mathematics” 2nd edition is designed as a "transition" course to introduce undergraduates to the writing of rigorous mathematical proofs, and to such fundamental mathematical ideas as sets, functions, relations, and cardinality. The text serves as a bridge between computational courses such as calculus, and more theoretical, proofs-oriented courses such as linear algebra, abstract algebra and real analysis. This 3-part work carefully balances Proofs, Fundamentals, and Extras. Part 1 presents logic and basic proof techniques; Part 2 thoroughly covers fundamental material such as sets, functions and relations; and Part 3 introduces a variety of extra topics such as groups, combinatorics and sequences. A gentle, friendly style is used, in which motivation and informal discussion play a key role, and yet high standards in rigor and in writing are never compromised. New to the second edition: 1) A new section about the foundations of set theory has been added at the end of the chapter about sets. This section includes a very informal discussion of the Zermelo– Fraenkel Axioms for set theory. We do not make use of these axioms subsequently in the text, but it is valuable for any mathematician to be aware that an axiomatic basis for set theory exists. Also included in this new section is a slightly expanded discussion of the Axiom of Choice, and new discussion of Zorn's Lemma, which is used later in the text. 2) The chapter about the cardinality of sets has been rearranged and expanded. There is a new section at the start of the chapter that summarizes various properties of the set of natural numbers; these properties play important roles subsequently in the chapter. The sections on induction and recursion have been slightly expanded, and have been relocated to an earlier place in the chapter (following the new section), both because they are more concrete than the material found in the other sections of the chapter, and because ideas from the sections on induction and recursion are used in the other sections. Next comes the section on the cardinality of sets (which was originally the first section of the chapter); this section gained proofs of the Schroeder–Bernstein theorem and the Trichotomy Law for Sets, and lost most of the material about finite and countable sets, which has now been moved to a new section devoted to those two types of sets. The chapter concludes with the section on the cardinality of the number systems. 3) The chapter on the construction of the natural numbers, integers and rational numbers from the Peano Postulates was removed entirely. That material was originally included to provide the needed background about the number systems, particularly for the discussion of the cardinality of sets, but it was always somewhat out of place given the level and scope of this text. The background material about the natural numbers needed for the cardinality of sets has now been summarized in a new section at the start of that chapter, making the chapter both self-contained and more accessible than it previously was. 4) The section on families of sets has been thoroughly revised, with the focus being on families of sets in general, not necessarily thought of as indexed. 5) A new section about the convergence of sequences has been added to the chapter on selected topics. This new section, which treats a topic from real analysis, adds some diversity to the chapter, which had hitherto contained selected topics of only an algebraic or combinatorial nature. 6) A new section called ``You Are the Professor'' has been added to the end of the last chapter. This new section, which includes a number of attempted proofs taken from actual homework exercises submitted by students, offers the reader the opportunity to solidify her facility for writing proofs by critiquing these submissions as if she were the instructor for the course. 7) All known errors have been corrected. 8) Many minor adjustments of wording have been made throughout the text, with the hope of improving the exposition." 
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Elements of the History of Mathematics, Bourbaki, Nicolas &  N. Bourbaki
6 Bourbaki, Nicolas & N. Bourbaki Elements of the History of Mathematics
New York Springer Verlag 1994 0387193766 / 9780387193762 1st Hardcover Fine with no dust jacket 
Only slight wear ; A bright, solid book ; Elements of Mathematics; 9.49 X 6.35 X 0.89 inches; 301 pages; Nicolas Bourbaki's multi-volume treatise "The Elements of Mathematics" contains, in each volume, a section or chapter devoted to the history of the subject. This book collects together these historical segments, without any claim to establishing a complete or chronological history of mathematics, but with an emphasis on the emergence, development and interaction of the leading ideas of the mathematical theories presented in the "Elements". In particular, the book provides a highly readable account of the evolution of algebra, geometry, infinitesimal calculus, and of the concepts of number and structure, from the Babylonian era through to the 20th century. 
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A History of Mathematics, Boyer, Carl B. & Uta C. Merzbach & Isaac Asimov
7 Boyer, Carl B. & Uta C. Merzbach & Isaac Asimov A History of Mathematics
New York Wiley 1991 0471543977 / 9780471543978 Second Edition; Sixth Printing Softcover Very Good+ 
Light shelfwear to card covers. ; A bright, solid book.; 9.20 X 6.20 X 2.10 inches; 715 pages; Forward to the book written by Isaac Asimov. "Boyer and Merzbach distill thousands of years of mathematics into this fascinating chronicle. From the Greeks to Godel, the mathematics is brilliant; the cast of characters is distinguished; the ebb and flow of ideas is everywhere evident. And, while tracing the development of European mathematics, the authors do not overlook the contributions of Chinese, Indian, and Arabic civilizations. Without doubt, this is--and will long remain--a classic one-volume history of mathematics and mathematicians who create it." --William Dunham Author, Journey Through Genius, The Great Theorems of Mathematics " 
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Modern Dynamical Systems and Applications, Brin, Michael & Boris Hasselblatt editors
8 Brin, Michael & Boris Hasselblatt editors Modern Dynamical Systems and Applications
Cambridge Cambridge University Press 2004 0521840732 / 9780521840736 First Edition Hardcover Very Good+ in Very Good+ dust jacket 
DJ and boards show very light shelf wear, lightly bumped bottom fore corner.; A bright, solid book, Dust jacket in Mylar jacket protector. Text umarked.; 9 X 6 X 1.06 inches; 405 pages; "Presenting a wide cross-section of current research in the theory of dynamical systems, this collection consists of articles by leading researchers (and several Fields medallists) in a variety of specialties. Surveys featuring new results, as well as research papers, are included because of their potentially high impact. Major areas covered include hyperbolic dynamics, elliptic dynamics, mechanics, geometry, ergodic theory, group actions, rigidity, and applications. The target audience is dynamicists, as well as mathematicians from other disciplines." 
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Our Days Are Numbered  How Mathematics Orders Our Lives, Brown, Jason
9 Brown, Jason Our Days Are Numbered How Mathematics Orders Our Lives
Toronto Emblem Editions 2010 0771016972 / 9780771016974 First Paperback Edition Softcover Very Good+ 
card covers show light shelf wear.; A bright, solid book, card covers are crisp and clean, text unmarked.; 7.90 X 5.20 X 0.70 inches; 290 pages 
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Elements of the integral calculus, with a key to the solution of differential equations ..., Byerly, William Elwood
10 Byerly, William Elwood Elements of the integral calculus, with a key to the solution of differential equations ...
Boston Ginn and Company 1888 Second Edition Hardcover Good with no dust jacket 
Black cloth boards show heavy wear, bumped corners, with library stamps throughout. Bookplate pasted inside front board. Rear hinge has started. ; Text unmarked; Ex-Library; 8vo 8" - 9" tall; 355 pages 
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Applied Probability:  Proceedings of an IMS Workshop on Applied Probability, May 31, 1999-June 12, 1999. Institute of Mathematical Sciences at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Chan, Raymond H. & Yue-Kuen Kwok & David Yao
11 Chan, Raymond H. & Yue-Kuen Kwok & David Yao Applied Probability: Proceedings of an IMS Workshop on Applied Probability, May 31, 1999-June 12, 1999. Institute of Mathematical Sciences at the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Providence, RI American Mathematical Society 2002 0821831917 / 9780821831915 First Edition; First Printing Paperback Very Good+ 
Only slight wear to card covers; A bright, solid book ; Trade PB; AMS/IP Studies in Advanced Mathematics Volume 26; 0.39 x 9.84 x 7.01 Inches; 148 pages; This book presents articles on original material from invited talks given at the "IMS Workshop on Applied Probability" organized by the Institute of Mathematical Sciences at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in May 1999. The goal of the workshop was to promote research in applied probability for local mathematicians and engineers and to foster exchange with experts from other parts of the world. The main themes were mathematical finance and stochastic networks. The topics range from the theoretical study, e.g., ergodic theory and diffusion processes, to very practical problems, such as convertible bonds with market risk and insider trading. The wide scope of coverage in the book make it a helpful reference for graduate students and researchers, and for practitioners working in mathematical finance. 
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Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations And Related Analysis  The Emphasis Year 2002-2003 Program On Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations And Related ... Universi, Chen, Gui-Qiang; George Gasper; Joseph W. Jerome
12 Chen, Gui-Qiang; George Gasper; Joseph W. Jerome Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations And Related Analysis The Emphasis Year 2002-2003 Program On Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations And Related ... Universi
American Mathematical Society 2005 0821835335 / 9780821835333 Paperback Near Fine 
As new in shrink wrap; Trade PB; Contemporary Mathematics; 0.75 x 10 x 7 Inches; 323 pages; Many well-known mathematicians attended the events & submitted their contributions for this volume. Eighteen papers comprise this work, representing the most significant advances and current trends in nonlinear PDEs & their applications. Topics covered include elliptic & parabolic equations, Navier Stokes equations, & hyperbolic conservation laws. Important applications are presented from incompressible and compressible fluid mechanics, combustion, and electromagnetism.Also included are articles on recent advances in statistical reliability in modeling, simulation, level set methods for image processing, shock waves, free boundaries, boundary layers, errors in numerical solutions, stability, instability, & singular limits. The volume is suitable for researchers & graduate students interested in partial differential equations. 
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The Intersection of History and Mathematics, Chikara, Sasaki; Sugiura Mitsuo & Joseph W. Dauben
13 Chikara, Sasaki; Sugiura Mitsuo & Joseph W. Dauben The Intersection of History and Mathematics
Basel, SW Birkhäuser Basel 2003 3764350296 / 9783764350291 First Edition Hardcover Near Fine in Very Good+ dust jacket 
Small initials on title page, light bump top fore edge ; A bright, solid book, dust jacket in Mylar jacket protector, text unmarked. ; Science Networks. Historical Studies, Vol 15; Large 8vo 9" - 10" tall; 257 pages; Taking seminal mathematical concepts and theories as their starting point, the contributors to this volume define myriad forms of interaction between mathematical research and historiographical problems. In the process, they pose such important questions as "Can an independent historian of mathematics make fruitful contributions to the development of mathematics?" and "Where did twentieth-century mathematics go wrong?" This collection of papers evolved from a History of Mathematics Symposium organized in Tokyo in conjuctions with the International Congress of Mathematics held in Kyoto, Japan. The venue gave excellent cause to develop yet a further line of study rarely given its due in such anthologies: the mathematical traditions in the East. On this subject, papers discuss how to intermingling of cultures contributed to the introduction of Indian mathematics to the Islamic world, and Western mathematics to Japan. 
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Numbers and Shapes Revisited  More Problems for Young Mathematicians, Cofman, Judita
14 Cofman, Judita Numbers and Shapes Revisited More Problems for Young Mathematicians
New York Oxford University Press 1995 0198534604 / 9780198534600 Softcover Very Good+ 
Only slight wear to card covers ; A bright, solid book.; Trade PB; Oxford Science Publications; B&W Illustrations; 9.10 X 6.10 X 0.80 inches; 308 pages; Numbers and Shapes Revisited is the ideal guide for high school and undergraduate students seeking to understand the connections between the wide range of mathematical methods and concepts that they may come across in their curriculum. Topics include elementary number theory, classical algebra, euclidean geometry, group theory, and combinatorics. Stimulating and enjoyable, the book will promote independent thinking and the ability to pose and answer questions. 
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Rise of the New Physics, vol II its mathematical and physical theories, D'Abro, A.
15 D'Abro, A. Rise of the New Physics, vol II its mathematical and physical theories
New York Dover Publications 1951 0486200043 / 9780486200040 Reprint Softcover Very Good 
Card covers show some shelf wear.; A tight, solid book, text unmarked.; 8.30 X 5.10 X 1.40 inches; 982 pages; This is a reprint of the 2nd edition 
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The Lore of Large Numbers, Davis, Philip J.
16 Davis, Philip J. The Lore of Large Numbers
Washington, DC Mathematical Association of America 1975 0883856069 / 9780883856062 Thirteenth Printing Softcover Very Good 
Card covers show some shelf wear and light soil. ; A bright, solid book, text unmarked. ; New Mathematical Library #6; 8.80 X 6 X 0.40 inches; 165 pages; "the author explains the arithmetic and the uses of large numbers in a way which introduces the reader to the horizons of modern mathematics. The reader is introduced to exponents, computation, number theory and to the rapidity of growth of sequences." blurb 
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Force and Geometry in Newton's "Principia", De Gandt, François &  Curtis Wilson
17 De Gandt, François & Curtis Wilson Force and Geometry in Newton's "Principia"
Princeton, NJ Princeton University Press 1995 0691033676 / 9780691033679 First Edition; First Printing Hardcover Near Fine in Near Fine dust jacket 
Only slight wear ; Dust jacket in Mylar jacket protector. A bright, solid book, text unmarked.; 9.75 X 6.50 X 1.25 inches; 296 pages; "In this book François De Gandt introduces us to the reading of Newton's Principia in its own terms. The path of access that De Gandt proposes leads through the study of the geometrization of force. The result is a highly original meditation on the sources and meaning of Newton's magnum opus.In Chapter I De Gandt presents a translation of and detailed commentary on an earlier and simpler version of what in 1687 became Book I of the Principia; here in clearer and starker outline than in the final version, the basic principles of Newton's dynamics show forth. Chapter II places this dynamics in the intellectual context of earlier efforts--the first seeds of celestial dynamics in Kepler, Galileo's theory of accelerated motion, and Huygens's quantification of centrifugal force--and evaluates Newton's debt to these thinkers. Chapter III is a study of the mathematical tools used by Newton and their intellectual antecedents in the works of Galileo, Torricelli, Barrow, and other seventeenth-century mathematicians. The conclusion discusses the new status of force and cause in the science that emerges from Newton's Principia." 
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The Historical Development of the Calculus, Edwards, C. H.
18 Edwards, C. H. The Historical Development of the Calculus
New York Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg GmbH & Co. K 1979 3540943137 / 9783540943136 First Paperback Edition Softcover Very Good+ 
Card covers show very light shelf wear.; A bright, solid book, card covers are crisp and clean.; 9.06 X 6.14 X 0.87 inches; 351 pages; "This is a lucid account of the highlights in the historical development of the calculus from ancient to modern times from the beginnings of geometry in antiquity to the nonstandard analysis of the twentieth century. It emphasizes the genesis and evolution of both fundamental concepts and computational techniques. The intended audience includes not only students of the history of mathematics, but also the wider mathematical community, specifically those who study, teach and use calculus. Among the distinctive features of this exposition are historically motivated exercises and carefully chosen illustrative examples. Numerous sections of the book are suitable for use in courses in introductory and advanced calculus as well as the general history of mathematics." 
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Analytic and Vector Mechanics, Edwards, Hiram W.
19 Edwards, Hiram W. Analytic and Vector Mechanics
New York McGraw Hill 1933 First Edition; Third Printing Hardcover Good+ with no dust jacket 
Cloth boards show some wear on all edges and surfaces, corners bumped. Previous owner's name inside front board.; A tight solid book. ; International Series in Physics; 8vo 8" - 9" tall; 428 pages 
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Mathematics and Culture I, Emmer, Michele &  E. Moreale
20 Emmer, Michele & E. Moreale Mathematics and Culture I
New York Springer 2004 3540017704 / 9783540017707 First Edition Hardcover Near Fine with No dust jacket as issued 
A bright, solid book in Near Fine condition, illustrated boards, text unmarked. ; 9.45 X 6.38 X 1.02 inches; 352 pages; "A fascinating and insightful collection of papers on the strong links between mathematics and culture. The contributions range from cinema and theatre directors to musicians, architects, historians, physicians, graphic designers and writers. The text highlights the cultural and formative character of mathematics, its educational value, and imaginative dimension. These articles are highly interesting, sometimes amusing, and make excellent starting points for researching the strong connection between scientific and literary culture. " 
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